HoloKit Docs

About the Company

Who is Holo Interactive / HoloKit?

Holo Interactive is a new lab and company founded by Botao Amber Hu that both designs and builds hardware accessories to unlock new, Stereoscopic AR experiences, and creates and content experiences – or realities – for AR and new mediums for artists and creators and for the Web3 community to engage.
Holo Interactive is a reality computing lab that combines technology and art to introduce the world to an immersive type of Augmented Reality, called Stereoscopic AR. Powered by the company’s lightweight, yet powerful iPhone accessory HoloKit X, Holo channels the best of today’s hardware technology to build apps and experiences that unlock AR’s full potential while introducing and immersing people in new realities.
Holo Interactive is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Brooklyn and Long Island City in New York, and an engineering office in Shenzhen, China.

Is Holo Interactive a hardware company, a content studio, or both?

Holo Interactive is both a hardware design company and a content studio. Using HoloKit X, which fully taps into the power of iPhone’s camera capabilities, the “killer apps” for AR have finally arrived.