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The Company

Holo Interactive, founded by Botao Amber Hu, is a pioneering reality computing lab and content studio specializing in mixed reality copresence. With a globally distributed team primarily located in NYC and Shenzhen, we are dedicated to discovering groundbreaking mixed reality copresence applications that merge face-to-face multiplayer Stereoscopic AR experiences with innovative hardware, software, design, smart contracts, gaming, and the arts.

Our vision is to make mixed reality copresence accessible to the mass consumer market. To achieve this, we have developed HoloKit, an entry-level mixed reality hardware solution, and MOFA, an engaging game designed to introduce the concept of mixed reality copresence. Together, these innovations are set to transform the way people connect and interact in the digital world, making mixed reality copresence experiences a reality for everyone.

The Founder

Botao (Amber) Hu is a distinguished reality computing creative and new media artist. As the founder and CEO of Holo Interactive, he focuses on Mixed Reality Copresence, specifically colocated multiplayer AR. Amber's experience spans collaborations with prominent companies such as Twitter, DJI, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, and thatgamecompany, showcasing expertise in artificial intelligence, mixed reality, virtual reality, machine learning, robotics, drone technology, LiDAR sensors, game development, and visual design.

Additionally, Amber established Amber Garage, a creative art and technology studio located in Silicon Valley. He graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University with a degree in software engineering and received a master's degree in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. His works have been selected for SIGGRAPH, Red Dot Design Award, CHI, and the New Media Film Festival. Amber is also the inventor of HoloKit, an accessible AR headset facilitating mixed reality copresence experimentation. This innovative tool assists top universities, such as MIT Media Lab, NYU ITP, Stanford, and Harvard, in their mixed reality research.

The Product

HoloKit X, Holo Interactive's flagship product, is a groundbreaking iPhone accessory designed to bring mixed reality copresence to the mass market. This innovative stereoscopic augmented reality headset is specifically tailored for iPhone users, providing an immersive mixed reality copresence experience.

As the only accessory of its kind, HoloKit X harnesses the full potential of the iPhone's camera system, including the LiDAR scanner, and utilizes exclusive Apple-only technologies and APIs such as Hand Tracking, Spatial Audio, and Apple Neural Engine. Unlike competitors like HoloLens and Magic Leap, which can cost up to $3500, HoloKit X offers similar functionality at an affordable price of $129, making mixed reality copresence accessible to a wider audience.

HoloKit X enables users to enjoy live-action roleplaying copresence games in real life, like wizard dueling, dragon hunting, and ghost bustering. Additionally, developers can create their own mixed reality copresence experiences using HoloKit. It has already been adopted by numerous universities, museums, and local entertainment companies for various business and research applications, illustrating its potential to transform the way we interact and engage with the world around us.

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