About the Product

What is HoloKit X?

HoloKit X is an iPhone accessory designed to bring Stereoscopic AR, and the experiences designed to showcase it, to the world at an affordable price point, with a simple, well-designed, and comfortable form factor. HoloKit X is the only augmented reality accessory in the world to harness the full power of the iPhone, activating the whole camera system and tapping into specific technologies and APIs that many developers have yet to tap into.

HoloKit X offers an immersive-hands free experience, unique in todayโ€™s largely handheld/2D AR world, giving users more freedom and ways to interact in space and within their new realities. HoloKit X was designed to be multi-modal and interactive with multiple control inputs at launch, and with more to come in the future โ€“ to make experiences hands free if needed but also include physical objects that can be manipulated by a user during a game or within a reality environment.

What is stereoscopic AR tech?

Stereoscopic augmented reality, which is what the HoloKit X provides, is accomplished with a head-mounted device (usually with some sort of clear goggles/glasses over the eyes) that projects images into the โ€œreal worldโ€ which allows you to directly see through (optical see-through) from your eyes the AR experience.

Why HoloKit X is only for iPhone๏ผŸ

iPhone has one of the most powerful bionic chips on the market, it provides substantial power to the โ€œneural engineโ€ and utilizes machine learning to process images and sound, which, given the complexities in rendering 3D imaging in AR spaces. iPhoneโ€™s LiDAR and ARKit also provided a strong support for immersive AR experience.

Check out Tech specs for specific iPhone models.

What is "Spectator View"?

HoloKit X provides a โ€œshared experienceโ€ which means people wearing a HoloKit X can share augmented reality. If you see and interact with a digital object in front of you, all the HoloKit app users around you will also see that in real-time too from their HoloKit app.

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