About the Company

Who is Holo Interactive / HoloKit?

Holo Interactive is a new lab and company founded by Botao Amber Hu that both designs and builds hardware accessories to unlock new AR experiences โ€“ or realities. We combine technology and art to introduce the world to an immersive type of Augmented Reality, called Stereoscopic AR. Powered by the companyโ€™s lightweight, yet powerful iPhone accessory HoloKit X, we channel the best of todayโ€™s hardware technology to build AR apps and experiences that allows people to dream together in new realities.

Is Holo Interactive a hardware company, a content studio, or both?

Holo Interactive is both a hardware design company and a content studio. Using HoloKit X, which fully taps into the power of iPhoneโ€™s camera capabilities, the โ€œkiller appsโ€ for AR have finally arrived.

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