HoloKit Docs

Fact Sheet

The Company

Holo Interactive is a reality computing lab that combines technology and art to introduce the world to a new type of Augmented Reality, called Stereoscopic AR. Holo Interactive is both a hardware design company and a content studio.
Powered by the company’s lightweight, yet powerful iPhone accessory HoloKit X, the company channels the best of today’s hardware technology to build apps and experiences that unlock AR’s full potential while introducing and immersing people in new realities in Stereoscopic AR.
Harnessing the full power of the iPhone and its camera capabilities, the “killer apps” for AR have finally arrived. From true face-to-face multiplayer and a unique spectator mode for those who want to watch the action from their own iPhone or iPad, HoloKit X offers a hands-free and immersive experience that is also grounded in reality.

The Founder

Botao (Amber) Hu, is a reality computing creative and new media artist. Amber has worked for leading companies, including Twitter, DJI, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, and thatgamecompany, with deep experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, drone technology and LiDAR, game development, visual design, and software engineering. He also started Amber Garage, a Silicon Valley-based creative art and tech studio. Amber graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University with a degree in software engineering and he received a masters degree in artificial intelligence from Stanford University.

The Product

Holo Interactive’s first product is HoloKit X, an iPhone accessory designed to bring Stereoscopic AR, and the experiences designed to showcase it, to the world at an affordable price point, with a simple, well-designed, and comfortable form factor. HoloKit X is the only accessory in the world to harness the full power of the iPhone, activating the whole camera system and tapping into specific technologies and APIs that many developers have yet to tap into.
HoloKit X offers an immersive-hands free experience, unique in today’s largely handheld/2D AR world, giving users more freedom and ways to interact in space and within their new realities. HoloKit X was designed to be multi-modal and interactive with multiple control inputs at launch, and with more to come in the future – to make experiences hands free if needed but also include physical objects that can be manipulated by a user during a game or within a reality environment.